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Deleted comment

I kinda love this version in German by Marlene Dietrich. I kinda have a big hard-on for Marlene Dietrich, actually. -swoons-

I've never heard the Nina Simone version, but now I'm gonna go look for it. Nina Simone = fabulousness.
I miss you.
I miss you tooooooo

I was thinking about you tonight, while I tried to stay awake in rehearsal. How's everything going?
I was also thinking of you tonight while I was singing for the Florida Folk Club, that was so much fun! I will tell you how I am...but maybe not on LJ...I hate to say it, but I no longer have an email address for you!! The one I always used to use was you old work address...so, what's your email address???
Email's the same its always been -- willowfinn AT gmail DOT com.
So you're in Florida? How long will you be down there? How're your folks? Tell'em I say hi. :)