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Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Greetings all! I am, contrary to specious and undocumented reports, alive and well. ;) Lots has gone on since last I posted here. Most notably, I've sung in four operas (one of which was reviewed in the New York Times, along with a handful of other sites), and I've had surgery (laproscopic cholecystectomy).

While I do still read and comment, I have largely abandoned posting on my LJ. I hesitate to say that I'll never post here again - one never knows, do one? - but it may be a while. Please come hang out with me elsewhere on the internet, where I maintain an active presence. Here's where you can find me now:

I love Twitter. Most anything that I would've once posted to my LJ about, I now tweet about instead. Life's too short to write blog entries. (I'm glad all the bloggers I enjoy reading don't feel that way, though!)

I spend the better part of most days reading bajillions of blogs and feedsites on my Google Reader, and I share items constantly. Relatedly, I also use Google Buzz.

I'm rarely on it, and I loathe it with the fire of a thousand suns (and if it weren't completely necessary, for professional networking, I'd kill my profile altogether), but if you insist you may find me on Facebook.

Oh, and here's some video from the aforementioned oft-reviewed opera - Die drei Pintos by Carl Maria von Weber and Gustav Mahler, staged (for the first time ever in NYC) by the Bronx Opera this January, featuring yours truly in the role of Inez.

Inez' Act 1 Aria, Die Drei Pintos from Eapen Leubner on Vimeo.

Die Drei Pintos- Act 1 Duet from Eapen Leubner on Vimeo.

Be good, y'all. I'm quiet, but I'm watching. :)
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