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This scene from Gaspar Noé's disturbing and controversial 2002 film Irréversible is VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so mind what you're clicking on, all you cubicle mice. It features the brutal beating and anal rape at knife point of Monica Bellucci's character in a scary red-lit underpass -- the rape itself is filmed in one static nine minute long shot, and is definitely the most awful thing I've seen this week.

I think I may be having a PTSD reaction to this video. I've been feeling sick to my stomach for hours, and my roommates are asking whether I've got a fever, because my eyes are all glassy and my face is flushed. Evidently the film used extremely low-frequency sound to create a state of disorientation and unease in the audience, causing a huge number of walk-outs (Newsweek magazine stated that this was the "most walked-out-of movie of the year").

Y'know what the most distressing part is, I think? The point, about 5 minutes in, where you see that someone has walked into the passageway, and sees the rape in progress...and then just turns around and walks away.

I feel sick.

(If the embedded video won't play for you, go here to watch it at the site.)
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