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Hannibal Lector goes to the dentist

About a year ago, I broke my tooth.

Being without dental insurance, I decided to leave it alone. It wasn't hurting me, or anyone else, and it kinda looked cool.

About a month ago, I started having stabbing hideous pains in my broken tooth. Dental aid became necessary. I bit the bullet (gingerly) and went to Gentle Dental, where they gave me to this very nice Asian dentist lady, who took one look at my x-rays, grimaced, and said the magic words: "Root canal."


After taking out a loan for two grand (-wince-) to cover the cost of the procedure, I had the first part of the root canal that same day, and it proved to be fairly painless. Indeed, I felt better immediately, after she sucked the damaged nerve tissue out of my mangled fang. But this morning, I went in for the second part of the procedure, confident that it would be fairly harmles...and OHMYFUCKINGOD did it hurt. They had my jaw clamped open for two hours, poking and prodding and stabbing, while I whimpered and trembled, until finally I couldn't take it any more and burst into tears. I have to go back for a third round of this torture, to see a specialist this time who will with any luck conclude this root canal quickly and painlessly.

Here's me, mid-procedure

looking uncommonly like Hannibal Lector.

It'll be a good month or so before I can chew on some fava beans OR your liver, however. :P
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